Februari 2020: De Rol van Sirius in onze Evolutie

Januari 2020: Kosmische en Goddelijke Hulp

December 2019: Kosmische Driehoeken, hun Rol in onze Evolutie

November 2019: De Zoektocht van de Wetenschapper

Oktober 2019: Zelfrespect, de sleutel tot een vreedzame samenleving.

September 2019: Het Mysterie van Oude en Nieuwe Krachtplaatsen in de Wereld.

August 2019: Eugene Dubois and The Missing Link in our Evolution.

July 2019: The Positive Aspects of Ego and Jealousy.

Juni 2019: Evolution – Love – Immortality.

Mei 2019: Becoming like our Divine Friends.

  • Exciting times are staring us in the face

April 2019: The Impact of New Cosmic Energies on our Lives.

March 2019: Evolution & The Golden Age.

February 2019: Unsolved Mysteries.

  • Bermuda Triangle and More

January 2019: Millennials, a New Generation.

  • Influencers with New Initiatives and Technology

December 2018: Awareness and Evolution of Objects.

  • How ’the old’ is replaced by ’the new’

November 2018: Connected.

  • New Steps towards a World of Peace and Unity

October 2018: Growing Awareness.

  • Some Concrete Examples

September 2018: Fractals and The Flower of Life.

  • Design of the Universes and Life Itself

Augustus 2018   : How to achieve World Peace?

  • Concepts, Activities and Religious Views up till now
  • The Crucial Role of The Knowledge Book

Juli 2018              : Evolution: From Microbe to Mankind.

  • The Tree of Life
  • Survival of the Fittest

Juni 2018             : The Golden Age.

  • Integrating the Principles of the Atlanteans

Mei 2018             : Heading to the Gateway of the Omega Dimension.

  • Transforming Inner Walls into Doors
  • Working towards a New World for the New Human

April 2018            : Rediscovering our Divine Origin.

  • Living from the Inner God Force
  • The Inner Path to a Universal Consciousness

Maart 2018         : Immortality.

  • Reunion with our Cosmic Friends

Februari 2018    : The Great Transition.

  • History of Mankind
  • Raising Consciousness: From the 3rd until the 18th Dimension
  • Transition: 19th Dimension Omega, the Gate of the Cube System

Januari 2018       : The Cycle of Evolution.

  • Atlanta
  • Reincarnation
  • Karma